Bella Vita

  • Joseph Alexander Mullen Dec 1, 2014

    "WARNING: You'll want a one way ticket after watching this film!"

  • Justin Housman Feb 16, 2013

    Bella Vita Shows Italy's Best

    Italy is absolutely holding. Soul-stirring wine. Incredible food. Beautiful land. Equally beautiful people. Wonderful cars. Masterful artisans. And for the patient, there are even a few waves. Just ask Chris Del Moro.

  • Denise Dellagiacoma Aug 6, 2014

    Video Review from Rome

    I couldn’t wait to watch it, the movie, called Bella Vita, a surf journey, filmed in Italy.

    I've appreciated the importance and value that it gives to our Italy.  I think that we need to remember more often that we live in a magic place, with a magic culture. That We are lucky.

    And I feel lucky because at the Italia Surf Expo, last weekend i met the cast, i interviewed them and i decided to dedicate one of my “In Action” episodes to Bella Vita.

  • Nina Hoogstraate Oct 6, 2013

    A Stunning Piece of Visual Art

    Bella Vita ticks all the boxes with what you expect from a surf film: there is travel, culture, food, and most importantly, waves.

    But it is so much more than that.

  • Andy Beth Miller Jul 2, 2014

    An Italian Surf Film?

    Bella Vita means “beautiful life,” such a short and simple title for such a grand ideal, yet somehow it is this exact juxtaposition of abundance (in story and spirit) and undiluted honesty (in aesthetics and script) that creates the modest metaphor of this film, woven like a glorious golden thread throughout its thematic tapestry.

  • Chris Johnson Feb 5, 2014

    U.S. Premiere, Santa Barbara Int'l Film Festival

    Sharing a passion for surfing as well as an Italian bloodline, they traversed the Tuscan coast for three months in search of surf and family lineage, along the way, documenting Del Moro’s pilgrimage, local color, food, the confluence of old and new-world craftsmanship and a burgeoning Italian surf culture. The result is Bella Vita, a soulful and spirited transcendent travelogue into the personal, artisanal and communal side of surfing.

  • Eiodon Feb 15, 2014

    Bella Vita: Living, and surfing, the good life in Italy

    In fact, even calling it a surf doc in the first is probably an oversimplification. Because, alongside some kicking surf footage, gorgeously shot on 35mm, Bella Vita also brings a taste of Italy’s landscapes, food and drink, art, and culture into the mix.

  • LA Times Sep 11, 2014

    Jason Baffa Interview

    Filmmaker Jason Baffa, who previously made surf documentaries “Singlefin: yellow” and “One California Day” is set to release his latest film, “Bella Vita.” In an interview with Framework he describes how he came to discover the growing Italian surf subculture and the pressures he felt in making his third film.


"A Stunning Piece Of Visual Art"
- London Arts News

"Bella Vita Shows Italy's Best Side"
- Surfer Magazine

"A Souful And Spirited Transcendent Travelogue"
- Arlington Theater Press

"Jason Baffa Makes Some Of The Best And Most Sneaky-Thoughtful Surf Films In The Game"
- Santa Barbara Independent

"Emotionally Charged"
- Ambassador Magazine, NIAF


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